Franchises: To acquire reputable brand names, that has a proven formula for success and to franchise our own brands in order to reap the benefits of our own successful business models.

Niche Markets: To focus on niche markets that increase market share in the retail and wholesale businesses.

Branding: To build and acquire established brand names to increase customer confidence and loyalty.

Effective Marketing: To Create value by improving consumer perception with the use of creative and effective marketing tools.

Restructuring: To reinvent the company in order to maximize internal efficiency, economy and effectiveness.



Information Technology: To harness the advent of information technology with emphasis on the internet, inventory control, customer relationship management, and supplier communication to provide the organization with a competitive edge.

Human Resources: To employ the best personal for each position, and provide them with a comfortable working environment that encourage superior performance.

To offer loyalty programs and reward’s employees for their dedication and success. Encourage team work to make better decision and provide employees with conviction of their importance within the Organization.

To delegates and share decision making employees in order to obtain the input of the people who are in direct contact with the end customers.

Service Culture: To emphasize service to customers both before and after the point of sale to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Entrepreneurship: To promote a corporate culture which instills employees to be entrepreneurial, to take initiatives and are both responsible and accountable for their actions.

Operational Effectiveness and Efficiency: To continuously seek ways to improve operational effectiveness and efficiency in the utilization of internal and external resources.