Prince group

Prince group was established in 1996, and is a subsidiary of AKT group. From the establishment of the company the brand prince and princess were used for the manufacturing of the companys products. Prince group has established an office in the Far East that co-ordinates the activities of this business.

Delivery Statement.

The company has been built on the following corner stones:Modern designs: for all age groups and genders.

Quality : skilled professionals from countries such as Italy, Spain , Germany , brazil , china ,Taiwan and India utilizing quality material for the design and production of footwear.

Price: affordable via efficient and effective mechanisms through the supply chain.

Suppliers: development of relationships and partnerships with the key suppliers that lead to better choice and bargaining butter
Prince group is proud to have the largest shoes and shoe accessories showroom in Kuwait, were all prince and princess brand items could be found.

Retail outlets feature up to 500 different designs under the prince outlet brand could e found in the following locations;


Anfal Mall, Salmiya Tel: 25726557

Arbeed Mall, Farwaniya Tel: 24749703

Awtad Mall,Al Jahra Tel: 22243182

Maqater Mall,Farwaniya Tel:24715538 

Kaifan CO-OP,Kaifan Tel:24915004

Al-Bahar Mall,Hawally Tel:22670201

Kuwait Magic Mall,Abuhalifa Tel:23734192

ManarMall,Jahra Tel:24961323

Al Plaza Mall,Hawally Tel:22614228

Al Liwan Mall,Ageela Tel:22210121

Slayal Resort,Jahra Tel:N/A Sulaibhikat CO-OP,Sulaibikat Tel:24866457