Café Supreme Brief

Café Supreme started off in 1980 as an upscale Canadian café bistro, today; Café Supreme serves customers in over 100 locations. The first Café Supreme opened in 2004, Al Raya Mall, which within a few short years expanded with another 5 locations across Kuwait.

Café Supreme’s ambiance gives its visitors a relaxing & soothing atmosphere to enjoy a variety of coffees & beverages, which is topped off with impeccable service. Café Supreme’s rich menu can be compared to a five star restaurant, offering a great selection of nutritious breakfast items.

For lunch, sandwiches are created with an eye for detail, with fresh artisan breads and premium ingredients, Salads and hot meals which include but are not limited to, mouth watering platters such as, a steak platter, salmon dish and an irresistible burger made from fresh grounded beef, which are just a few dishes that Café Supreme has branded itself with.

Café Supreme has also taken a step further by creating Supreme Delivery, which produces items from its menu and special delivery dishes for events, such as gatherings, parties and for those special & private occasions.

With the state-of-the-art espresso machine’s and passionate baristas, Café Supreme has mastered the art of the specialty coffee. Always fresh, the Café Supreme coffees have an aroma that leaps out of the cup and awakens the senses.

Café Supreme is a great place to relax with a cup of coffee and a fresh pastry or muffin. Its European-inspired design elegantly balances between a warm and inviting atmosphere and a stimulating venue to make your every visit a memorable occasions.